Preguntas frecuentes

1. Can panels be backlighted?

Yes. Every panel is made out of semitransparent acrylic. It can be easily backlighted using leds, fluorescent lamps, cold cathode lamps, etc.

2. Do you have plug and play panels?

The available panels at Hispapanels are sold as kits, with an option of buying the needed components. Assembly instructions are also available.

We wil be introducing finished panels in the future.

Right now the first plug and play product is the generic autopilot module.

3. I have received my panels, but the ones that should be transparent are painted, and now I can't backlight them. What can I do?

Panels are sent with a protective film in order to avoid scratches. This film must be removed.

The engraved panels only have this film on the back side, and it covers all the surface.

The auxiliary panels (middle and back panels) have protective film on both sides:

- on the front side this film doesn't get until the edges, so when you take it off, a small area of paint remains on the border.
- on the back side, the film covers all its surface.

4. I bought a panel time ago and now I'm working on it. I can't find a specific piece in it. Can I get it?

Yes. Just write an email and the specific piece will be shipped. Only the shipping cost will be applied.

If you check your order the day you receive it and find that something is missing, shipping costs will be for free too.

5. Can I buy individual items, for example, only annunciators of one panel?

Yes, just write us an email with the pieces you need.

6. If I buy a panel and its components pack, is everything I need included?

In the optional components pack (or in the components list under description) is included everything to complete a panel. In addition, you'll need the following items:

- bolts, nuts, washers, etc.
- metallic spacers<br>- 40 wires cable
- single wire cables
- interface cards to connect panel to computer

Every component can be found in the catalogue.

Knobs are not included.

7. Regarding radio panels, why a single shaft encoder is used instead of dual shaft encoders?

Well, you can use any dual-shaft encoder (expensive option) or a simulated dual-axe encoder using two rotary switches (a little of DIY).

You can use one single encoder with button included instead. The operation with this encoders would be:

- turn -> change decimal
- push -> select integer part
- turn -> change integer
- push -> select decimal part
- etc.....

8. How can I interface your panels with my flightsim?

With any interface cards available at the market, and compatible with FSX, X-Plane, Prepar3D...

In my shop you can find SimIO boards. They are compatible with FSUIPC and IOC, and they can work sending keys to any program running on your PC.

They are compatible with iFly and Prosim too.

These cards are programmed with SC Pascal. You can find examples of programming at Hispapanels' Youtube channel and following this link too.

9. Will you include new models of planes in the future?

You can find panels for planes (B737, B747, B777, A320, CRJ700, CRJ200 and F16) and for helicopters (EC-135 and AW319).

In the future we will include new panels for planes (Cessna172, B767).

If you need something that is not available, we can build it for you. Just send us your design and we will build it. Visit the "CorelDraw" section to learn how to do it.

10. I'm interested in buying a completely finished cockpit. Is this option available?

Only individual panels are available with the option of buying the needed components and the printed circuit board for some types of planes.

Contact us if you are interested in a different model of plane.

11. 8 positions rotary switches can't be modified. What does this mean?

Due to the characteristics of these switches, they can't be unassembled like in the case of 12 positions switches.

Then they can't be drilled in order to add a concentric shaft for the inner knob.

Anyway, you can use the concentric kit to get concentric shafts without modifying the switches.

12. shows that my parcel arrived to my country on date ***, but some days have passed and I haven't received it yet. Where can I find more

Correos delivers the parcel to the post company that works with the standard shipments in your country (the one you would use to send a normal letter to your family). In that moment the receiver company scans the parcel and the site shows "delivered to international destination office" or something similar. From this point is this last company who may scan the parcel and show every new movement, but sometimes they deliver the parcel without any new update.

The tracking number is shared among countries, so you can ask for it at any post office in your city.

13. How can I check the tracking number and the invoice of my order?

Tracking number and invoice can be checked by accessing to your order details.

Follow the instructions on this video.

14. I'm almost to confirm my order, but the price have being increased in comparison with the one showed in the previous step. What is wrong?

Nothing is wrong. Until you define the delivery and billing address, the tool is not able to calculate if taxes must be added or not. After that step, prices are updated if necessary.

Prices are shown tax excluded on the catalogue, as defined in the "Terms and Conditions" section.

15. How long those it take to be ready to ship?

Most of panels and components are stocked and shipped after they are ordered.

In some cases, panels are not stocked and must be manufactured after you order them, or components are not available and must be ordered to our suppliers.

That's why you can read this sentence under our "Conditions of use":

"Once your payment is confirmed, we will start working on your order. We will inform you when the order is ready to be sent (normally 15-20 working days since the order confirmation)."

16. When I placed my order, everything was in stock. Why is not my order shipped yet?

In order to add an article into your cart, its stock must be bigger than one.

For articles that can be quickly re-stocked (with delivery time according to our "Conditions of Use"), stock will be always positive.

For articles that can not be quickly re-stocked, stock will be set to zero, and they won't be able to be added to your cart.