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Here are some suggestions of free and pay software that you might want to consider for your cockpit.

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  • Great software to design operative gauges for any model of plane. It uses the IOCP protocol, so the variables from our simulation software can be represented in our customized gauge.

  • IOCP server is a program that lets external programs to use the internal variables of our simulation software. For example, our SimIO boards use IOCPserver to send and receive variables from simulator. Compatible with the following programs:FS2004 FSX Prepar3D

  • Do you have an installation with computers, devices and software that you need to start up in a certain order and to be monitored?In that case, try the Roadmap Assurance Controller (RAC) from AIKU Systems. A tool that will allow you centralized management, on a single computer, of all the Windows computers on your network, as well as the monitoring of a...

  • Software to configure the SImIO boards system. Download the last version of software from here. Download the quick start guide from here. Download the programmer manual from here.

  • With this free software you can force your simulator to apply the weather that you get from your COMM or NAV radio. The list of radio stations is the same as the one used by VirtualAtis.

  • SimIOCP is a free software to configure and work with our SimIO boards using the programming language LUA. Variables from the flight simulator are available via IOCP Server (for FS2004, FSX and Prepar3D) or via UIPCX (for X-Plane).

  • Plug-In for X-Plane. With this plug-in you can use our SimIO boards with X-Plane. Compatible with Mac OS and Windows.

  • With this free software you can hear (in your own laguage) the ATIS information from the station that you select on your COMM or NAV radio.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items