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    We are your One Stop Supplier of Quality panels and components for Flight Simulators. We will help you build your own Flight Simulator cockpit. Whatever your questions or needs are, don't hesistate to contact us.

  • Build your own cockpit



    Ever dreamed of flying your own Boeing 737?

    Build a cockpit for your flightsim and come fly with us. Hispapanels will help you make your dream come true.

  • hispapanels | Cessna 172

    CESSNA C172


    The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is one of the most popular single-engine plane in both real and simulated world. If you want a simple and friendly cokpit, this one can be your best option.

    Is there anything you can't find? We will manufacture it for you.

  • hispapanels | Lockheed Martin F-16


    Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon. The most popular fighter among combat Flight Simulator Cockpit builders. Very popular on the forums about fighter squadrons. If this is your plane, you can find in this section all panels for the three consoles. Is there anything you can't find? We will manufacture it for you.

  • hispapanels | Boeing


    Get your panels for the mythical B747, the popular B737, or the newest B767 and B777. This american company, founded in 1916 is the biggest aircraft manufacturer in the world. 

    Find all the components and panels you need to build your own Boeing Flight Simulation Cocpkpit here. If your favourite model is not available, we will manufacture them for you...

  • hispapanels | Airbus


    Established in 1970, this European company is the builder of the popular A320 and the biggest commercial airplane: the A380. Find the panels you need to build your own A320 Cockpit under this section.

    If you don't find what you want, we can manufacture it for you.

  • hispapanels | Bombardier


    If you prefer medium sized jets, this section is for you.

    Get the components for your CRJ200 or CRJ700 Flight Simulator Cockpit here. This regional jets by the canadian Bombardier Aerospace company are among the most popular models.

    Which one is your favourite?

  • hispapanels | AgustaWestland AW139


    Very popular midsize twin engined helicopter from the italian-british builder AgustaWestland. First introduced during 2003, this great helicopter is now waiting for you.

    Build your own AW139 Flight Simulation Cockpit and enjoy many hours of flight on this modern heli.

  • hispapanels | Eurocopter EC135


    This twin engined helicopter built by EADS was first introduced in 1994. Widely used by police, medical services and for business trips.

    You will find all the panels in this section to build your own EC135 Simulator Cockpit.

  • Take advantage of CNC millers. Design your own pieces or spare parts with your favorite CAD software, and send us your file. You can send us a CorelDraw file for flat works, or a *.stl file for 3D works. We will build you that piece with the material you choose: acrylic, teflon, MDF... Technical specs: bit diameter: up to 10 mm maximum height: 50 mm...

  • Expansion card with 64 inputs. It is connected to the expansion bus located on Main USB or Main Ethernet. Compatible with IOCP and FSUIPC.The main characteristics are: THT components 64 digital inputs size: 135x85 cm, like the rest of DIY expansion boards (they can be stacked).

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